Alford Group of Parishes

Churches in the Alford Group

The Alford Group of Parishes is made up of eleven Churches, with ten independent PCCs all working together through a single Group Council. These are:

    ●  St. Wilfrid’s Church, Alford
    ●  St. Andrew’s Church, Beesby
    ●  Holy Trinity Church, Bilsby
    ●  St. Andrew’s Church, Farlesthorpe
    ●  St Andrew’s Church, Hannah with Hagnaby and St. Peter’s Church, Markby
    ●  St. James’ Church, Rigsby with Ailby
    ●  St. Margaret’s Church, Saleby
    ●  All Saints Church, Ulceby
    ●  St.. Margaret’s Church, Saleby
    ●  St. Margaret’s Church, Well
    ●  St. Helena's Church, Willoughby

St Wilfrid's church, in Alford itself, has regular weekly services which have strong attendances. At present the smaller parishes have staggered services ranging from three services a month in Bilsby, to once a month in Beesby, Hannah, Markby, Rigsby, Saleby and Well, and occasional services in Farlesthorpe.

Some time ago a local strategic report for the group was drawn up. It brought into focus the individual nature of each church and the problems each faced. We realised we needed to function as a group, in addition to our work as individuals, in order to strengthen our corporate life in its many aspects. Our Group Council, with its two representatives from each church, has drawn the group together with more combined services and many joint social events. It has enhanced our awareness of each others’ needs and our ability to help any parish as problems arise. Within the Group Council there is a group treasurer who ensures the Parish Share is paid in full by all PCCs and who collects the clergy expenses and holds them in a group account.

Within the group there is keen involvement of the laity who are used to having some participation in services (e.g. reading lessons, leading intercessions, acting as servers and Eucharist ministers, taking Communion to the housebound and to the three residential homes in the area). We see this as essential in assisting our team of two Priests, two lay readers, eight local lay ministers. This, together with the family service team and the pastoral visiting group maintain regular worship, whilst, at the same time, giving us an opportunity to further our own spiritual ministries.

There are active Boys’ and Girls’ Brigades in Alford which are affiliated to St Wilfrid's Church. There is a "Sunday Bunch" for the younger members of the congregation as well as children's corner within the church. There is also a teenage group, led by the local ministry team, that meets once a month in the church hall.

The Alford Group of Churches has an award winning bi-monthly church magazine which has details of the group’s many activities as well as reports of church services and articles by church members